Posting is not going to help like it used to BUT...

YOU need to post on your Social media channels at least once a week.

Let me share a recent experience to highlight why you should be posting. We wanted to visit a local cafe for lunch, we rang to book a table and the phone was disconnected. Not a good start but as we had eaten there prior we knew the food was really good.

So my wife went to their Facebook page and they had been posting regularly and had posted something the day before. Now if they had not posted for 6 months or more we would have gone elsewhere. As it was we took the risk and they were indeed open. 

We don’t post everyday but we do at least twice a week.

Not so much to get new business, but to let people know we are still in business and to give them something to read when they get to our social pages. Think of your Facebook page as a store who people like to go in and browse around and see what you are about and what you can offer them. No one likes to visit an empty store?

By posting regularly you are giving your visitors an insight into your business and sharing your knowledge. Helping to build you as an expert in your field.

By posting you are letting them see how you run your business, be careful with what you post as it reflects back on you and can do damage to your reputation.

Think back on the horror stories from people who have tweeted something they shouldn’t have or posted a photo they instantly regret putting up. And once it is up it’s up for life. My rule of thumb is if you would not share it with your mother then don’t do it.

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