About Loopgy

Loopgy was bought to live after 12 years of publishing our own magazine in the Redlands area of Brisbane from 2004 to December 2016.

It is the knowledge we learned from helping the local business with not just their print advertising but we also helped with digital and sometimes just advice on marketing so they did not get caught up with unscrupulous marketers that take the money and run.

Having established ourselves as a trusted source we lived through the GFC but unfortunately  could not live though the Digital interruption that is the internet of things.

Studying Social Media Advertising with a Social Media Marketing company in the US with over 13 staff and million dollar monthly turn over was the beginning of Loopgy and we have added to our company  as we see new opportunities.

About the Business

We are a specialised advertising and marketing company. With over 25 years of experience world wide and bringing this wealth of knowledge to help local businesses. Running a small office means our overheads are low and we pass these savings on to our clients. 

It is our service and results that really sets us apart.

Irene Pfister

Steve Pfister


The Systems

It is the systems we use and we have been able to tie them altogether at an affordable price that sets us apart from others. But more importantly is the Results that we deliver time after time. That really counts.

marketing automation

We live in amazing times. Business is changing. How we buy things is changing. How we find business is changing. If you are still doing what you did 2 year ago you are missing out.

Time to get back in the game and level up the playing field. We can show you exactly what needs to be done to give you the advantage.

Time to work smarter!

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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